Physical Vigor

The ideals of Rhodes Scholars, the utmost scholarship at Oxford University, serves as the inspiration behind Oxford Preparatory Academy’s student goals. Our OPA Athletics Program provides our Champions with the opportunity to exibit¬†respect for others, integrity of character, a spirit of unselfishness, physical vigor, and a potential for leadership.

Athletics at OPA

Throughout the academic year, Oxford Preparatory Academy offers a number of exciting sports choices for our students, enabling them to learn the dynamic components of team sports: teamwork, sportsmanship, and competitive participation. We welcome Champions to participate in the teams listed below as we compete against local public and private schools in the area.

Fall Athletics

OPA - Football

Flag Football



Spring Athletics

OPA Track Champions

Track and Field

OPA Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball

OPA Girls Basketball

Girls Basketball

Boys Soccer 2016

Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer 2016

Girls Soccer