The Formative Years

At Oxford Preparatory Academy we emphasize the importance of our children’s formative years. The K-8 education model gives us the opportunity to create the building blocks for lifelong success for each of our Champion students.

Benefits of the K-8 Education Model

  • Our program is designed to positively evaluate the social, emotional, and academic growth of our Champions. By eighth grade, with an emphasis on the Multiple Intelligences, a child’s strengths, learning styles, and interests are clearly understood, making it easier to determine the best direction for their academic pursuits.

  • The structure of OPA’s self-contained classrooms supports highly beneficial continuity of instruction. From kindergarten through eighth grade, our students are taught by teachers who know them and are keenly aware of the the academic intervention and support that is needed as well as where additional rigor should be encouraged.

Instead of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders getting caught in the middle during the typical junior high school transition period – our upper classmen become the leaders and role models of our school. They are officers of the student council, captains of intramural athletic teams, directors and stars of school stage productions, and the ultimate buddies to kindergarten children.
  • At OPA we believe that school choice is not limited to the k-8 experience. Our administrators and eighth grade faculty work in partnership with you, your student and area public, private, charter and specialty high schools to help you find a “match” that honors your child’s unique gifts and achievements
  • The k-8 model allows our Champions to establish even stronger academic and personal relationships that will positively influence the rest of their lives. Our students hit the ground running with a reinforced confidence for the high school and college years to come. Oxford Preparatory Academy students are sought after as freshmen because they bring a strong academic foundation, are self-assured, involved, well-rounded, and good citizens. OPA proudly matriculates our eighth graders to respected public, private, charter, and specialty high school programs throughout the region.
  • Whether it is through school wide events or our “Little Buddies” role modeling program, each of our Champions from kindergarten to eighth grade are part of a community designed to support one another. This allows all students, in both primary and upper grades, to get an array of enriching experiences.

  • Children do not grow up too fast. The continuity of our K-8 campus allows our Champions to participate in age appropriate activities without the pressures facing many junior high school students today.

  • Those aforementioned relationships are not just limited to our students. The extra time in the k-8 education model also allows ample opportunities for our Champions’ parents to get involved and participate in their children’s education.

Advantages for All Students

National Studies have shown that the K-8 model has advantages for students in all grade levels. Here are two examples:

  • A 2011 Harvard University Study documented the damage being done in middle schools. The Harvard study showed that in virtually all subjects, the scores on standardized tests were lower in middle schools than in K-8 elementary schools. Following this study CNN released a powerful editorial citing middle schools as “a weak link in the chain of public education.”
  • A 2010 Columbia University Study found that the continuity of teachers, classmates, programs, and expectations appears to enhance academic, social, and emotional development for students leading to greater academic achievement and improved self-esteem and confidence. Middle school students typically behave differently in a k-8 setting, serving as role models and protectors as opposed to having to establish new reputations and social relationships at a socially vulnerable time, (Columbia University/Education Next Report, 2010, National Middle School Association Study, Lou Cozolino in-service 2014).

Once a Champion, Always a Champion

Even after our students promote from eighth grade, we continue to acknowledge and celebrate their success! Promoting classes return to Honour Hall for Alumni Cum Laude Awards dinners where they have an opportunity to share their involvement in student life by completing our Alumni Survey.

From Key Club, football, cheerleading, early college programs, band, orchestra, to JSA, mock trial,  theater, and more…OPA students show that they get involved and stay involved!